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NSX Fiesta Photos, Aniversarea a 20 ani - pic heavy


Pozele sunt preluate de pe NSX Prime
Full link:

Enjoy Icon_wink

[Image: 1095586200_x2rbw-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1114036393_yei2j-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1102938332_irbbd-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1102943309_zAH6F-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1101021369_HKfSi-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1101023853_SQvg9-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1101028022_A8NH4-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1101032740_rtjGd-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1100913305_btPRW-XL.jpg]
[Image: 155078_1704945384585_1266518311_1845808_5208691_n.jpg]
[Image: 1101059286_PLjXe-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1101059942_66p8W-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1100417652_eDaud-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1098929409_g5oHN-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1098932575_Q2kKz-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1098931420_ZWTav-XL.jpg]

[Image: 1095577383_3A3u5-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1100920543_bi8m7-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1099295812_9piEA-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1096880388_dxwRm-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1098834350_HpNKq-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1096635719_CfXdu-X3.jpg]
[Image: 1096637947_o3PMf-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1096639728_5ectK-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1096639226_4FPdk-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1096640121_PQGVT-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1096657926_qQAoG-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1101108886_DLot3-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1101380105_nktfZ-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1101381705_ptFhJ-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1101382442_dEtj7-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1099238174_bi5h9-XL.jpg]
[Image: 76580_1705804446061_1266518311_1846826_2984200_n.jpg]
[Image: 1102935810_EJbVq-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1102936390_S8dft-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1102930545_obcfq-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1102925011_XZiQt-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1102926116_opJMW-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1100414976_bc3z9-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1101134797_6NtSf-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1101126921_GQ2tP-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1101131690_diWnY-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1099220009_75bhr-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1099222791_TicXS-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1099227342_8Aie7-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1099231594_xJJyR-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1099252315_mXVm6-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1099448038_Yg4Fy-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1099460630_kYpgt-X2.jpg]
[Image: 1100914925_kAsye-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1100960528_E65Uy-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1100960974_WHSVf-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1100961374_azsDV-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1100962788_4A3hu-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1100963190_n4tAy-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1100415936_WQS6g-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1100416929_zmCDf-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1100491676_ibRYv-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1095469646_44DFc-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1095469207_rWBmw-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1095470266_8BT3K-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1095745901_Q46dF-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1095907028_tD8cX-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1095867261_yxjDQ-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1095470533_SqFG6-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1095741813_sWRRd-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1101380384_uMKiy-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1095470791_pBuGT-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1095470621_goGs8-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1095470956_M3gqS-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1095471787_pJgJc-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1095471151_Qqu5c-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1095471315_HCsau-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1095472112_iRuHr-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1095471946_2M8eA-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1095940340_rHqer-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1093570289_2PBdB-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1094247223_UehyU-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1096064968_Yh3bo-X3.jpg]
[Image: 1096066991_FnmGC-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1096077857_cUFZS-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1094272358_Nkdwg-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1094268747_nKqQA-XL.jpg]
[Image: 1094268770_9UkDQ-XL.jpg]

Honda nu arde uleiul, il foloseste.



Ce mod de a-mi incepe ziua! HappyHappyHappy



Sper ca ai dat cu nasul si peste thread-ul de pe NSX prime ca mai sunt si ceva filmulete Biggthumpup
Honda nu arde uleiul, il foloseste.



Acolo n-am apucat s-ajung, man, da' nu-i timpul pierdut Icon_biggrin



I apologize for posting in English but I do not think I can type clearly in Romanian.

These photos were taken by me and the full gallery may be seen here:

Here is a video montage:



Hi Robert and welcome to our forum, sorry for robbing them from the NSX Prime forum and I hope there are no issues with doing that Icon_smile

Now that you registered maybe you can tell us the story behind the photos Icon_biggrin

Thanks for the direct links Biggthumpup

Honda nu arde uleiul, il foloseste.



Seeing those pics made me think of those "wish you were here" postcards Icon_smile



(20-12-2010, 17:34)yulasinio Wrote: Hi Robert and welcome to our forum, sorry for robbing them from the NSX Prime forum and I hope there are no issues with doing that Icon_smile

Now that you registered maybe you can tell us the story behind the photos Icon_biggrin

Thanks for the direct links Biggthumpup

Not a problem posting the pics. I have been amazed at how many forums now have these photos. There have been over 500,000 views of them in the last 3 weeks through various links.

I am one of the corporate officers of the NSX Club of America (and am a Moderator on NSX Prime) and we started discussing an international event to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the NSX while a group of us attended some track days at LeMans in 2008.

Here is a photo of me with Shigeru Uehara, designer of the NSX and S2000, at LeMans as well as a group photo of the cars under the Dunlop Tire at Lemans.

[Image: 347627527_2jguu-L.jpg]

[Image: 348149650_DUXyV-L.jpg]

At that time there were still plans to release a new NSX and we all thought it would be a great time to attend the annual NSX Fiesta in Japan in 2010 to celebrate the 20th as well as the new NSX. Well as everyone knows, the new NSX was shelved but Honda and the NSX Club of Japan still agreed to hold the 20th Anniversary Fiesta and invite other international NSX clubs to attend.

I was one of 62 members from the United States, Australia, Canada and Taiwan to be invited. The NSX Club of Japan arranged sightseeing for us prior to the actual Fiesta taking place at Suzuka. Additional members from Europe joined as for just the Fiesta portion.

The photographs I have posted that do not include pictures of NSXs were taking during our additional sightseeing arranged by the NSX Club of Japan. This included going to Honda and its NSX Refresh Center, touring Kyoto's historical sights and stopping at Fuji Speedway (including the gravesite of Soichiro Honda) and Twin Ring Motegi. We were also hosted for a party at the Honda Welcome Center in Tokyo where we were greeted by Asimo.

Other forums have inquired about the NSX Refresh Center and essentially what they will do is revamp your NSX - - - at a cost of approximately $45,000 USD. Interesting concept but here in the States we can buy a used NSX in that price range that would have low mileage and be a 2000+ model.

Feel free to ask any other questions you might have about the trip.



Such an amazing event just couldn't go unnoticed Icon_wink I actually saw a thread on another forum here in Ireland with your pictures and only after I went on NSX Prime Icon_redface

It's such a good thing that all this people got invited to the Fiesta and such a shame that the NSX is out of books (at the moment)

I read about the refresh centre on NSX P and to be honest the price is mad if you ask me, not that pricey if they give you a refreshed NSX, but personally with 45k$ i can refresh the car myself and buy a few other Hondas Icon_lol
I'm just wondering if you did any laps yourself in the NSX while in Japan and how was the overall experience in Japland Icon_smile

Honda nu arde uleiul, il foloseste.



(20-12-2010, 19:23)yulasinio Wrote: I'm just wondering if you did any laps yourself in the NSX while in Japan and how was the overall experience in Japland Icon_smile

Yes, we were given a "surprise" when we got to Suzuka - - - our hosts told us we could take their cars on the track. I was one of the fortunate ones to be given a 2002 White NSX-R. Although an authentic NSX-R seat is not exactly built to fit comfortably an American "wide body" driver, it was a thrill to take it around. I was even able to adapt fairly quickly to a right hand drive and shifting left handed.

I had a great overall experience. I was surprised that English was not spoken as much as I had been led to believe (mainly in larger "western" hotels) but everyone was very helpful. We tried to have both an english and japanese map with us so we could just point to where we wanted to go and get assistance. I was born and raised in New York City so I am comfortable navigating and riding trains so the Tokyo subways were not as daunting for me as for some others.

It is a very conformist society but that includes excellent service by anyone and everyone in a service capacity. And they do it all without getting tips/gratuities (it is impolite to try to tip anyone). We could learn a lot from them here in the States.

The only "complaint" I had was the lack of any trash cans in public! They have vending machines everywhere you look and on every block but yet there is no place to throw out your trash. My understanding is that the locals take it home with them to throw out. It is an amazingly clean country considering that factor alone.



That is something to have the chance of driving an NSX R, there are a few NSX's here in IRL but no R's Icon_sad
I know what you are saying about the seats as I was seating in one but i can't complain about fitment Icon_razz

I was reading a thread on were a guy from the States that posted pictures and impression from over there and i know about the vending machines and the clean streets.

The only thing that puts me off from going over there is the flight duration Sick other then that i'll go in no time.

Honda nu arde uleiul, il foloseste.



(21-12-2010, 00:49)yulasinio Wrote: The only thing that puts me off from going over there is the flight duration Sick other then that i'll go in no time.

It was surprisingly "comfortable". The flight on the way over was 14 hours but even though in coach, we did manage to check out the "best seats" online and found a middle row with an extra inch of legroom. Plus the overheads were pretty high up and there was lots of room to walk around or just stand and talk a few rows up from us. Had the bulkhead on the way home and other than it not opening up to a sleeper seat is was almost as roomy as business class.

But it is amazing to eat two meals, watch 3 movies and still have 6 hours left in the flight.



14h !?.... and i'm complaining flying 3 Icon_smile
Honda nu arde uleiul, il foloseste.



Unfortunately, in Romania, we only get pictures of the NSX. I have never seen one live, let alone have a seat in one Icon_sad Over here, people with enough dough to get an NSX from abroad would rather buy a second hand Porsche, or some low riding pimped BMW M series.

Speaking about seats, I was thinking of going for Sparco or Recaro (not the extreme racing models with 5 point harness, but something intermediary) on my EG3 project. But it's my dad's car and he doesn't even feel comfortable in stock Civic Type-R seats, so that's a write off.

I do share Yula's concern for long flights. I was bleeding brains through my ears for 2.5 hours of flying from Bucharest to London. And it wasn't a problem of not having enough room, since I'm neither tall, nor do I weigh more than the clothes I wear. It was the boredom that got me.

Then, a while back, Bucharest to New York, an 11 hours flight... imagine the horror! Luckily, I was seated next to an avionics engineer and, by the time we landed I was pretty confident I could tear the whole plane apart and put it back together with my bare hands, then take it for a spin Icon_smile

However, flying to Japan seems to make it worth while. It's the flight back I'm worried about, when the excitement is all gone Icon_smile



The only way i get in that plane is drunk and then i'll start drink some more for 14h Happy

w33bb0: There is at least one NSX in Romania, the one i know is in Constanta but i think the owner is trying a Ferrari replica on it Sick
Honda nu arde uleiul, il foloseste.


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