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Random Honda's


Am gasit niste articole interesante pe internet si nu stiam pe unde sa le pun asa ca am creat acest topic Icon_razz

Titlu: Honda In Japan pt1


[Image: 10.jpg]

After seeing Mike Garrett's post on Honda's in Japan, I couldn't help myself but to search through my images from my trip last November on the hunt for anything Honda related.

[Image: 15.jpg]

The first night I entered Japanese territory we ended up at a workshop by the name of T-Style, it was meant to be a our accommodation for the first night but it turned out to be something a little better than that! Here you can see a Honda van and a Jazz on the left.

[Image: 16.jpg]

It was quite hard to maneuver myself around the other cars to get a decent glimpse of the cars. Here you can see the wheels on the van...

[Image: 17.jpg]

...And finally a view of the whole workshop from the front. Quite a different type of wheel that's on the Jazz don't you think?

[Image: 19.jpg]

Visiting shops and workshops lead us to many different cars, one being this new CR-Z sitting on an aftermarket set of wheels. Surprisingly enough I didn't come across a great number of Civics and Integra's during my trip.

[Image: 18.jpg]

However I managed to cross paths with a couple of NSX's, this one was in the parking lot at MSC in Chiba.

[Image: 11.jpg]

S2000's on the other hand seemed to pop up a little more often, I spotted these two yellow ones in the same car yard just down the road from Tomei japan...

[Image: 12.jpg]

...Looking very similar.

[Image: 3.jpg]

Daikoku PA always brings some of the coolest cars out, such as this widebody Odyssey.

[Image: 2.jpg]

It seemed to me it was in between lightly modified and being one of those crazy vans, check out the body work!

[Image: 1.jpg]

Strangely enough we left Daikoku and headed to Ebina carpark and believe it not the same car was there again!

[Image: 5.jpg]

I also noticed this black NSX sitting away from the crowd at Daikoku.

[Image: 7.jpg]

Ebina showcased some amazing cars such as this wagon slammed creating some crazy rear camber. If you take a closer look in the trunk you'll notice it has airbags.

[Image: 8.jpg]

And more NSX's!

[Image: 13.jpg]

Fuji Driftland believe it or not had a few civics out and about. This grey EG looked very respectable.

[Image: 14.jpg]

Both front and rear.

[Image: 9.jpg]
Even on the East Circuit at Ebisu I managed to spot a few Honda's doing time trial runs, this EK hatch looked like serious business and sounded amazing!

Stay tuned for Part 2.
-Casey Dhnaram.

Titlu: Honda in Japan pt2


[Image: 66286858_org.v1302080711.jpg]

"The internet, and how great it is" Something we hear on a regular basis, but do we take it for granted?

Before I begin this article I would like to take a second and explain to each and everyone of you how amazing the internet really is. Here I am in Australia searching the internet (mostly Japanese blogs) scattering through images and links that I can't even read and I end up here, an archive full of Honda images taken in Japan.

One thing that shocked me when I was in Japan were the amount of people that pointed to my Pelican hard-case and said "SPEEDHUNTERS!" As I sift through hundreds of Honda related images, I stumbled upon this one in particular. Super-low with a set of 15" Sportmax. If you can't already notice the front number plate it is a Speedhunters item, which to me is pretty cool! Continuing on.

[Image: IMG_0029.jpg]

Meets, cruises and gatherings seem to be very over populated in Japan which is definitely a good thing. I mean imagine rocking up to a local parking lot and witnessing something like this white EG hatch. Stripped interior, 2 bucket seats, ridiculously loud exhaust and semi-slicks all around. I know for a fact that I wouldn't know what to do with myself, but then it mightn't be your cup of tea.

[Image: 74020066_org.v1302014124.jpg]

The amount of indescribable cars I witnessed on my trip in Japan on the street was mind blowing. Watching a slammed S14.5 roll past a full car of policeman inside a car outside the station and not getting pulled over was a really strange feeling. I know these guys most probably don't drive their cars as dailies but it's still awesome to see them being driven on the roads.

[Image: 74021014_org.v1302006920.jpg]

I mean, check out those rear wheels!

Just behind this gorgeous white EG there you'll notice a lighter modified Civic, being an EF.

[Image: 74020766_org.v1301899308.jpg]

Speaking of EF's this one happened to be in the same batch of photos so I take it that it was there also...

[Image: 74021063_org.v1302078924.jpg]

...Looking quite similar to the EK, modification wise. The model of the Civic and the paint job just screams out 80's!

[Image: 36965183_org.v1302005129.jpg]

Not only late night meets but ones in the broad daylight, flicking through the galleries many of them are named Sunday SoCal Meetup, It's quite funny how countries admire one another.

[Image: 36965282_org.v1302005114.jpg]

This EK looks to be very USDM inspireded. The owner goes by the name of Yuya Yasunari-san. The car has been resprayed a genuine Porsche a slay gray met. The discontinued Hayashi Racing Equipment wheels compliment the paint nicely...

[Image: 36965408_org.v1302005114.jpg]

...Just fitting under the guards. Putting aside the looks for just a moment this EK has some other interesting modifications, such as NSX front brakes.

[Image: 36991245_org.v1302008725.jpg]

A similar approach to modifying is this Integra rolling on red-centred SSR Mark II's.

Stay tuned for Part 3, I have a surprise for you on a couple of cars in particular!

-Casey Dhnaram.

Honda nu arde uleiul, il foloseste.



Un DA local, cred ati vazut-o in thread-ul cu Meet-ul din Irlanda



[Image: IMG_6633.jpg]

I always find it funny that you never really appreciate what is on your own doorstep. Whilst we look on in constant envy of what those far away from us have got, we never really appreciate what we have before us. This was our subject of conversation as we stood around this rather marvellous DA Integra in a previously busy industrial area, an area now left to ruin by the economic downturn. We joked about how the USA readers of Speedhunters would probably disregard this as just another modified Integra but I've never seen a car like this in the metal before.

[Image: IMG_6308.jpg]

The DA Integra is often overlooked in Ireland, with most choosing its younger DC2 brother instead (mostly due to availability and the relatively cheaper prices on the Type R variant)

[Image: IMG_6325.jpg]

Those that do choose to go the DA route rarely venture outside the box, sticking with safe modifications of JDM wheels and coilovers along with some minor performance modifications.

[Image: IMG_6331.jpg]

It just takes one person to come along and push the boundaries on these shores and the floodgates open. I can nearly guarantee that within twelve months of this car making its first appearance on the Irish scene, an array of similar cars will have begun to pop up

[Image: IMG_6349.jpg]

It's not because the Irish aren't creative but just by nature we're a pretty conservative bunch.

[Image: IMG_6352.jpg]

To see a USDM inspired car on this island has brought me a tremendous sense of joy. The US has in my opinion been producing the best modified JDM cars for as long as I care to remember and I don't think that our US followers give themselves enough credit for that.

[Image: IMG_6357.jpg]

One advantage we have on this side of the pond over our North American brothers is our ease of access to original JDM cars and parts.

[Image: IMG_6367.jpg]

This country is literally flooded with imported cars from Japan. One look at a national classifieds website may gave you an insight into just how fortunate we are here.

[Image: IMG_6371.jpg]

I first spotted Darren's car back at a drag meeting in October of last year and with Honda month finally rolling around I just knew it was top of my list to feature.

[Image: IMG_6298.jpg]

I got in touch with Darren last month who informed me that the car was under going a further transformation with fresh paint both inside and out along with another range of subtle modifications and would be ready in time for an early April photoshoot.

[Image: IMG_6283.jpg]

True to his word, by the time the sun had set on April 2nd, this feature was being downloaded onto my iMac in the Irish Speedhunters office.

[Image: IMG_6284.jpg]

It's not the big things that make this car but rather the countless small details that have helped turn this into Darren's magnum opus.

[Image: IMG_6292.jpg]

From respectable performance modifications to exquisite aesthetic choices, this is one of those rare beasts that manages to tick all the boxes.

[Image: IMG_6446.jpg]

Underneath the root beer brown paint work, lies a little history lesson. The DA6 was the very first Honda chassis to use a VTEC engine and in this particular example the potent B16A modified with EK9 Civic Type R camshafts and fuel injectors, EK9 N1 crank pulley and de-catted through to a Tanabe exhaust system amongst other details.

[Image: IMG_6608.jpg]

The interior is a really special place for any Honda fans.

[Image: IMG_6615.jpg]

Bride Low Max carbon fibre backed seat with Takata harnesses, custom half cage with the boot floor painted in a matching brown to the exterior.

[Image: IMG_6397.jpg]

A genuine Gathers OEM double deck radio unit is just one of many amazing OEM details like the original OEM mat and centre armrest and the factory non-smoker personal box.

[Image: IMG_6404.jpg]

The interior has been trimmed with a custom material which can also be found on the plug cover in the engine bay.

[Image: IMG_6396.jpg]

An Apexi RSM sits in front of the carbon fibre wrapped dials and behind the Mugen steering wheel.

[Image: IMG_6489.jpg]

Along with the custom half cage, the chassis rigidity has been increased by using a Password JDM C-pillar brace along with upper and lower rear strut braces.

[Image: IMG_6506.jpg]

The brown and cream colour combination was an inspired choice. Two colours that separately would not particularly stand out but together are just perfect.

[Image: IMG_6578.jpg]

I love how the car changes colour ever so slightly as the intensity of the sunlight varies.

[Image: IMG_6575.jpg]

15x8 BBS RM wheels with a +8 offset, cream colour coded baskets, gold studs and wrapped in 195/45/15 Goodyear Eagle rubber.

[Image: IMG_6589.jpg]

The car is lowered on D2 coilovers with adjustable top mounts.

[Image: IMG_6696-Edit.jpg]

Scraping the ground at the front of the car is a JDP carbon fibre lip which matches the Seibon carbon fibre hood.

[Image: IMG_6736.jpg]

The OEM theme continues on the outside with new headlights, new power folding mirrors, new wind deflectors and new mudguards along with a rare OEM bumper pole.

[Image: IMG_6752.jpg]

The M3 spolier lip adds a hint of Bavaria to the build.

[Image: IMG_6760.jpg]

Just a subtle nod towards this car's origins ...

[Image: IMG_6764.jpg]

The thing about is this car is even after spening six plus hours shooting it, I found myself retrieving the camera from the van to come back and grab even more little details which I had overlooked.

[Image: IMG_6771.jpg]

A slightly better look at the Bride Low Max and OEM armrest.

[Image: IMG_6773.jpg]

Mugen wheel, gearstick and pedals add the aftermarket feel to the OEM theme.

[Image: IMG_6785.jpg]

Chromed Skunk 2 Pro series lower control arms had me lying on the ground long after the shoot was originally meant to finish.

[Image: IMG_6802.jpg]

Watching the car drive away I still had that feeling that that there was just maybe one more detail I might have overlooked such is the amount of character contained within this car.

[Image: IMG_6268.jpg]

Oh well, at least I found Robocop riding a unicorn.

Paddy McGrath

Honda nu arde uleiul, il foloseste.



Cand vad articolul asta imi vine sa ma duc acasa sa i-au masina si sa ma duc la Mondello Icon_twisted

Titlu: Honda's @ Tsukuba


[Image: archive18.jpg]

As part of my contributions for Honda Month, I thought it would be fitting to take a look back through my archives and post some Honda-related photos from Japan.
During my numerous trips to nearby Tsukuba Circuit, I caught countless Hondas doing their thing on the track. For this first selection, I've assembled a group of front-drive Honda shots for your viewing pleasure.

[Image: archive22.jpg]

Civics and Integras are fairly rare on the street in Japan - in fact neither of those models are even offered in Japan anymore. If you go to the track though, its a different story. The paddock at a typical Japanese circuit event will usually have more than its fair share of Hondas. The timeless EG6 is still a fine choice for those looking for circuit fun on a budget.

[Image: archive1.jpg]

They can also be built to be very competitive. Here's the Yellow Factory EG6 back in early 2008. The Yellow Factory EG got quite a bit of attention at this year's Tokyo Auto Salon, though I'm unsure if that's the same car seen here or a new build.

[Image: archive15.jpg]

Here's a rare Integra Type R sedan. As you'll see, mismatched wheels are quite common among the Honda circuit crowd.

[Image: archive20.jpg]

Speaking of mismatched wheels, check out the front rollers on this EK9. Yep, those are R32 Skyline GTR factory wheels. 16x8 +30, forged, and dirt cheap. You can't go wrong.

[Image: archive11.jpg]

This DC2 Integra is pretty standard fare - wheels, cage, suspension, tires. All that's left is to drive the hell out of it.

[Image: archive6.jpg]

The smaller Tsukuba 1000 course is perfect for cars like this EF9, seen at a track day hosted by Honda specialists Garage FK.

[Image: archive4.jpg]

This DC5 Type R was spotted at the same event.

[Image: archive10.jpg]

Factory stock FD2 Civic Type R on the brakes heading into the first corner. Even stock, the FD2 car is a car you can track with confidence - that's what that little red "R" signifies.

[Image: archive9.jpg]

The sound of roaring VTEC fills the air as this EG6 comes down the Tsukuba 2000's back straight and towards the final corner.

[Image: archive14.jpg]

The J's Racing crew brought their K-powered Fit all the way from Kansai to run at one of the Power House Amuse track days.

[Image: archive3.jpg]

You know Honda did something right when cars like the EG6 are still so popular 20 years after their debut.

[Image: archive16.jpg]

The somewhat forgotten member of the Civic Type R family - the UK-built EP3.

[Image: archive5.jpg]

A lightly modified EK9 leads an EG6 through the apex.

[Image: archive2.jpg]

Another four-door Integra Type R. For an American, it's strange to imagine that you can drive around Japan in a Type R without having a single worry about car theft. Sigh...

[Image: archive13.jpg]

Love this yellow EK9. From the mismatched wheels and vented hood to the Spoon brakes - it's aggressive and functional.

[Image: archive8.jpg]

The FD2 Type R was less than a year old when I shot this photo. Hard to believe it's already been discontinued...

[Image: archive21.jpg]

Is the EF chassis really 23 years old now? Where has the time gone?

[Image: archive19.jpg]

Speaking of the classics, check out the Hell Fire CRX. Except for the SS Works car, this has to be one of the wildest CRX's in Japan.

[Image: archive7.jpg]

I'll finish with this view of the Garage FK EG6 navigating the tight corners of the Tsukuba 1000 course.
More great Hondas from Japan to come!

Mike Garrett

Honda nu arde uleiul, il foloseste.



O inspiratie pentru cineva de aici Icon_razz

Titlu: Honda EG Civic


[Image: HoodOpen.jpg]

To kick off my contribution to Honda month I'd like to introduce you to Alex Pope's 1994 EG Civic. Although the chassis is nearly two decades old, they are still incredibly popular, and a big reason for this is how versatile they are.

[Image: 2.jpg]

For a person that has been into Hondas, more specifically Civics it's great to see Alex building yet another EG. This particular one was a personal import and is actually a JDM chassis. The Civic serves as Alex's daily driver, but it also sees regular track action as well. Although not extreme compared to some of the other builds, this is a good example of a cleanly modified EG.

[Image: Engine.jpg]

Lets get straight to the heart of this little beast. The standard motor has been replaced with a B18C and transmission from JDM Integra Type R.

[Image: Radiator.jpg]

A Koyo radiator has also been installed to keep high temperatures to a minimum.

[Image: Bolts.jpg]

Taking a closer look around the engine bay you'll notice things are very clean and organised. Notice the aftermarket bolts and washers?

[Image: Coilovers.jpg]

Beneath the EG are Endless Zeal Function X coilovers. The spring rates are 14kg/mm up front and 10kg/mm at the rear... quite stiff for a little car!

[Image: Interior.jpg]

Just like the rest of the car the interior is super clean. The whole cabin has been stripped almost completely. A pair of Sparco Sprint seats replace the standard ones nicely along with a Momo Monte Carlo steering wheel.

[Image: Baby.jpg]

As for the rear, well there isn't too much back here apart from a Spoon strut bar.

[Image: Shifter.jpg]

Another thing I noticed in the interior was the Circuit Hero shifter extender. The audio system has also been deleted.

[Image: Spoonmirrors.jpg]

The car has Spoon parts left right and centre, such as these carbon fibre mirrors and rear spoiler.

[Image: Frontwheel.jpg]

Alex has been through many sets of wheels on this car and actually has more coming from Japan. The current ones sitting fitted are GAB Sports, 15x7 +45...

[Image: VerticalFront.jpg]

...Wrapped in 205/50/15 Federal 595RS-R rubber.

[Image: Rearwheel.jpg]

In the rear the exact same size and rubber have been applied. The brakes have also been swapped with those from a JDM Integra Type R. As the donor was a '96 model, the stud pattern is now 4x114.3, which opens up a whole selection of wheel choices.

[Image: VerticalRear.jpg]

Project Mu rotors and Endless MX72 Pads front and rear have also been fitted to help out on the track.

[Image: Front.jpg]

Directly straight on you'll notice a J's racing CF intake duct and if you look closely enough you may notice the extractors through the front grill.

[Image: Rear.jpg]

At the rear you can also see the ASR rear subframe brace peeking out from beneath.

[Image: GarbageBinshot.jpg]

I have to admit I'd be a happy person to not only have this as a track car but a daily driver. I think Alex has done really well modifying this little Civic and even better it doesn't attract any attention from the Authorities!

I'd like to thank both Alex for allowing me to feature the car and Chuong for giving me access to the workshop for the shoot, it means a lot guys!

Casey Dhnaram

Honda nu arde uleiul, il foloseste.



All about Honda

Titlu: Honda inside


[Image: 32.jpg]

Over the past couple of years, Speedhunters has brought to you countless themed months, with dedicated specials on a variety of manufacturers. But April signifies the last time we'll have a month-long theme. That's right, come May Speedhunters will be bringing you your daily fix in a slightly different way (more on that in the coming weeks). Before we move away from themed months however, there's one genre that needs addressing; an itch amongst the Speedhunters team that still needs to be scratched. You see, one manufacturer has been glaringly missing from our monthly themed spotlight. And that manufacturer is Honda.

[Image: 27.jpg]

What does Honda mean to you? For many, I'm sure the first thing to pop into your mind will be Civics and Integras, but there's much, much more to Honda than that. Out of all the Japanese manufacturers, Honda has one of the most enviable histories in motorsport.

[Image: 10.jpg]

Honda will always hold a special place in the hearts of the F1 faithful, even if they bowed out of the sport on a relative low.

[Image: 21.jpg]

On circuits around the world, you'll find almost every Honda model represented in various guises...

[Image: 25.jpg]

...And they even pop up in the most unlikely of places!

[Image: 23.jpg]

Of course, Hondas became prolific in drag racing, with a group of drivers pioneering the FWD category. People like Stephan Papadakis, the Bergenholtz brothers and Lisa Kubo to name just a few. In many ways, it was pioneers like these who opened the Pandora's box and showed enthusiasts what was possible with these little Hondas. Seriously, no one thought it was possible to accomplish the power levels, elapsed times and trap speeds that they did out of small capacity FWDS.

[Image: 24.jpg]

Some camps snigger at the Honda enthusiasts, questioning why they would even bother with a low capacity grocery getter that powers the wrong pair of wheels. Hopefully the features we have this month will change some of those opinions, and shed some light on what makes this marque so popular around the world.

[Image: 20.jpg]

Now we recognise that many of you might not share the intense passion for Hondas as others might, so we'll be balancing out the next four weeks so there will still be a variety of features on other makes and models!

[Image: 28.jpg]

Amongst the sport compact community, Honda has been a driving force since the early beginning. I can still remember the days when Electron Blue EK Coupes were the bee's knees, and it's amazing to see how tuned Hondas have evolved over the years.

[Image: 16.jpg]

Hondas are, of course, notorious for engine swaps. No matter what car or what donor, I'm sure someone out there has tried mating the two together. B16As, B18Cs, B20s, H22As, Mini-me setups. Shoe-horning an S2000-derived F20C in a Civic? It's been done. Many times.

[Image: 1.jpg]

I was an Editor of a car magazine when Honda decided to kill off the B-series engine; and I remember many people in the aftermarket industry at the time were certain it would stall Honda's popularity amongst enthusiasts.

[Image: 15.jpg]

At face value, they had a point. One of the undeniable reasons why Hondas were so popular in the late 90s and early 00s was the fact that the B-series had such rich aftermarket support. The possibilities were endless, regardless of whether you wanted to go all-motor, turbo, or supercharged. The parts you needed were right there on the shelf, and you could draw upon a wealth of experience from the communities who had been there, done that.

[Image: 7.jpg]

If anything however, the birth of the K-series motor injected new life into the Honda movement, and captivated the imaginations of a new generation of followers. With some light tuning, enthusiasts were finding they could unlock considerable power from these small capacity 2.0l and 2.4l engines. And it wasn't long before they found a way to retrofit the Ks into older gen models...

[Image: 19.jpg]

I built a couple of Hondas back in the day, and I think many people are drawn to how easily they can be modified. As an 18 year old with little money, this was a big draw card for me. The sheer amount of components that could be shared between models was staggering. For example, the brakes from a DC2 Type R were an affordable alternative to BBKs. Indeed it's quite possible to alter your Honda's entire performance, handling and braking using mainly OEM components from other models.

[Image: 11.jpg]

This affordability of parts has meant that many Honda owners were introduced to grassroots motorsports early on. While some have graduated up to turbo RWD or AWD cars, others have stuck with their Hondas, becoming more serious with their builds. Some of these found their addiction in time attack...

[Image: 18.jpg]

...While others found their calling on the 1320.

[Image: 30.jpg]

We'll be touching on not only some of the current trends, but also taking a look back at how the movement started and what's on the horizon for the Honda community.

[Image: 29.jpg]

Casey will be jetting off to Japan shortly, but before he does he'll be snapping some of the Hondas in Australia.

[Image: 31.jpg]

Paddy has a rather exciting feature on this EK9 Civic Type R...

[Image: DSC02412.jpg]

While Jeroen will be featuring this EK, which is powered by a K20A. We also have some pretty cool spotlights coming up to show you just how broad the Honda spectrum is.

[Image: SpoonCRZ-076.JPG]

Although some of our plans for this month have taken a backseat to the tragedies that have struck Japan, we'll still be bringing you a host of articles from the Land of the Rising Sun. Dino's recently returned to Japan, and will be dishing up a look at Spoon Sport's CR-Z...

[Image: SpoonNSXRGT-086.JPG]

We'll hopefully be able to corner Spoon's charismatic owner, Ichishima-san, for a one on one interview.

[Image: MugenCRR-078.JPG]

We also couldn't have a Honda themed month without some Mugen content, so we'll also have a feature on the FD2R RR

[Image: IMG_0134.jpg]

Dino will be travelling down to Osaka (J;s Racing anyone?), and will be covering the Exciting Car Showdown...

[Image: IMG_0409.jpg]
...Which will no doubt have some interesting eye candy!

Honda nu arde uleiul, il foloseste.



nice Icon_biggrin



Una pentru Liviu Icon_smile

Titlu: J's Racing CRX - Tuning Factory


[Image: jscrxfront.jpg]

Most people in the Honda scene all over the world know this car, its just one of those cars that has been passed around and talked about for years on forum’s and such via photos. After a long and healthy career tearing up race circuits in Japan, this car is now fortunate enough to reside in the extremely capable hands of the Tuning Factory. And where better to shoot this N/A monster than in the workshop that famously maintains it. This car has the most amazing history of a track car hailing all the way from the land of the rising sun and now the people of Ireland get to witness this amazing spectacle as it sets record times on our home soil.

[Image: jscrx4.jpg]

On arrival we were greeted with a warm welcome and told we basically had the run of their large workshop. This car is so pleasing to the eyes with its full J’s Racing wide arched aero kit covered in that stunning yellow pearl paint job. Sometimes when trying to achieve perfect aerodynamics, cooling and down force on a track car the result can often be a little strange looking and over the top. Not with this little EF8’s appearance as it is spot on and looks incredible. The J’s Racing vented carbon bonnet reducing weight and allowing hot air to escape.

[Image: jscrx5.jpg]

The huge J’s Racing dry carbon GT wing playing a crucial part in the lightweight cars down force. And the J’s Racing carbon wing mirrors and carbon rear diffuser all contributing to the function of this CR-X. Also helping keep the weight down is the polycarbonate windows and shedding a few more kg’s is the fiberglass boot lid.

[Image: jscrx14.jpg]

When tuning cars half the battle is gaining useable power, the other half is lightening the load creating a much higher power to weight ratio. This is what really creates speed on the track, something which the Tuning Factory have truly perfected.

[Image: jscrx18.jpg]

[Image: jscrx15.jpg]

[Image: jscrx13.jpg]

[Image: jscrx11.jpg]

The power which the car receives all comes from a fully built B18c motor. Built by the Tuning Factory comprising of mostly Toda performance parts. Since the cars arrival from Japan to Ireland it has received a complete engine overhaul and has been tuned to meet the high standards of the Tuning Factory. The car must be able to produce immense performance whilst trying to maintain a certain amount of reliability especially when driven to the level of this Hondas pilot over the past couple of years Barry Babbitt. Barry put this car through its paces on many occasions in the likes of Mondello’s Time attack and really revealed the true work and dedication that the Tuning Factory have put into this car.

[Image: jscrx16.jpg]

Whilst watching this car hurtle around the track you will not be able to ignore the sound of raw power being emitted through the full J’s Racing manifold and custom built exhaust system. The sound of vtec from the J’s racing tsuchinoko intake is amazing as you watch this car come out of Dunlop corner in Mondello. You will witness these sounds up through every gear as it races up through the Mfactory close ratio straight cut box which again has been fully customized by the guys at Tuning Factory.

[Image: jscrx9.jpg]

Stepping inside the car you instantly get the feeling that this car means business, not an item left original anywhere. For the drivers pleasure a red Bride fixed bucket seat with the unmistakable green Takata harness. And a suede Momo steering wheel attached to the completely custom dash. This dash looks amazing with its digital screen and clocks. Every button and instrument put in an ideal location and labeled for when things get a little hectic on board. Keeping things tidy, a dry-cell battery and the brain of the car, the J’s Racing ECU have been bolted to the passenger footwell. Funnily enough the car retains the original factory door cards. Most people would expect either custom or carbon replacements but the cards them selves are pretty light and retain a small element of creature comforts inside the little Honda.

[Image: jscrx8.jpg]

Helping with the rigidity of the car is the six point FIA approved roll cage. The cage helps prevent body flex and movement when the car is being thrown around the track. Andy from the Tuning Factory was telling me of how the programmed ECU from J’s Racing is probably the best non-mappable ECU you could choose for your Honda, with great power and torque gains right through the rev range. Further back in the car is an ATL fuel cell mounted neatly in the boot well. By removing the original fuel tank and installing the track ready ATL a lot of weight is saved and allowing for just the right amount of go-juice to be put on-board.

[Image: jscrx7.jpg]

The wheel and tyre package on this car is amazing, a set of slick tyres wrapped around the incredibly light and stunning Rays CE28 rims. And if one set wasn’t mouth watering enough they have a second set, both finished in that famous Volk Racing bronze. Lurking behind these delicious wheels are standard brake calipers with J’s Racing grooved discs and competition pads. I think its quite astonishing that with all the uprated parts on this car and the speed it unleashes that the brakes are pretty much stock. Track cars usually show off the biggest brake sets on the market, but not in this case. The braking power here is remarkable and well up to the standard of the most expensive pieces of kit there is.

[Image: jscrx20.jpg]

Another key element to this to this track cars success is the grip and handling. Without a doubt one of the most nimble and well balanced I have come across. The reason behind this astonishing handling is thanks to, first of all the fully custom and adjustable Crux coilovers. These are an extremely hard suspension set and ideal for track use. Crux are used by many tuning company’s across the world, more so in Japan but are a rarity to find in road cars that hit our shores. The J’s Racing Crux coil over kit has been developed with racing manufacturer Crux Engineering to ensure the highest level of circuit suspension. The second attribute to the handling are the fully rose jointed geometry components made by RS Race Series Performance products. Some of these components include control arms, toe adjusters, strengthened tension rods and all bushings throughout the car. These high performance parts add a great deal more strength to the car and also cope better under the stress and strain of track racing. The guys at the Tuning Factory commented on how safety was a big concern for them on the drivers part which is why they have made sure that this CR-X is always up to date when it comes to safety. The last helping in grip comes from the contact with the tarmac, the tyres. The car is raced on Hankook F Series slicks providing bucket loads of grip.

[Image: jscrx19.jpg]

Its been an honour to write about a car with this amount of history and more to come. To know where this car has been an where it originated from. This little CR-X has probably done more travelling than most people I know with car only back from an International race meet in Bushy Park Raceway in Barbados. I have always admired and respected the track cars that come from Japan and watch these track legends online so was nice to finally get to see one up close and personal. I sincerely think that the Tuning Factory have done a superb job in making this car there own and creating one of the fastest track cars Ireland has seen.

[Image: jscrx12.jpg]

[Image: jscrx10.jpg]

[Image: jscrx2.jpg]

Honda nu arde uleiul, il foloseste.



si putem contiuna......
Invidia Injen Weapon-R Eibach Drag Wheels Skunk2 Magnat



Or sa mai urmeze si altele in urmatoarea perioada.
Honda nu arde uleiul, il foloseste.



Pfuai! Iti lasa gura apa si mai multe nu!

Speachless, but I had to say something Icon_biggrin



Ma bucur ca va plac Biggthumpup
Honda nu arde uleiul, il foloseste.



Civic EG6 cu ITR front end

Titlu: EG6


[Image: jackieseg22.jpg]

This EG6 has definitely come along way since the day it was purchased at the Primo dealership in Japan. Most of these changes have happened in the last 3 years when Someone with an idea to go against the norm and try something different got their hands on it. The car started it life out as a Blue EG6 SIR, at the time of purchase Jackie had already intended to do this front end change. I know what your thinking about the title, I’m sure your thinking of that film with Nicholas Cage and John Travolta trading faces and all that jazz. Despite the title usually being associated to the Action Flick, it has taken on a whole new meaning in my eyes when it comes to a car like this.

[Image: jackieseg20.jpg]

Not only did he take the front end from a DC2 and fit it to his EG6, but it was done in such a way where it almost looks like it came straight from factory. There is a common misconception amongst some people that this conversion is relativity simple, that its just a matter of popping off wings, head lights and bumpers and swapping them over hoping everything will work out. Those of you with this idea are very wrong. Others may have noticed that the original lines have been kept in the wings of this car from the EG6 and not the DC2. The DC2 has completely different wing lines to an EG6 and many of these conversions retain the Integra’s lines on the wing which makes the front end look a little odd. Already knowing about this problem, Jackie used the front end from the Integra wing and added it to the original civic wing, this would give the car a smooth flow all the way to the headlights using the original Civic body lines. This worked like a charm. With this extra work completed, the front end looks flawless.

[Image: jackieseg12.jpg]

The conversion to a new face had been complete but I knew there was more in-store for this car. Jackie certainly wasn’t happy with just leaving the front end conversion and calling it a day. He wanted to make sure it would stick out from the sea of blue and white Honda’s. What he choose was a a metallic brown, something which would be the total opposite of anything out there. The paint itself has a cool green tint when the sun come out. One thing about this front end conversion that makes it that much better is that it came from an Integra Type R. Added to the goodness is a Spoon Sports splitter and a J’s Racing air duct. The badges have been removed on the front end and the license plate recess has also been removed. Everything has been covered by that magic brown to give the car a very minimalist look up front.

[Image: jackieseg18.jpg]

The custom work certainly doesn’t stop there. At the side you will notice the EK9 skirts which have been shortened and have capped ends. The skirts fit very nicely and complement the cars look. Some custom Gold Dohc Vtec decals fit in nicely with the colour brown. Spoon Sports mirrors have also been added to the mix as they could never look wrong on an EG6. The same goes for the Spoon Duckbill spoiler, something that could never go out of fashion. At the back end to retain the very minimal look Jackie removed the keylock and badges on the boot lid, a time where flushing can be a good thing. Some 50/50 back lights were installed and the rear wiper has also been deleted. This creates such a clean and simple look to the back end complemented by nothing more then an SIR badge and a Tegiwa tow hook.

[Image: jackieseg13.jpg]

[Image: jackieseg19.jpg]

[Image: jackieseg3.jpg]

[Image: jackieseg15.jpg]

Many would think this car would be all show and no go and those people would be mistaken, when you open the bonnet you are greeted by a golden surprise. This car can move and is daily driven on some of the worst roads in Ireland! Orange has made friends with the colour black and both of them make up a very nice theme to Jackie’s engine bay, something that contrast’s nicely with the brown exterior. The rocker cover has been smoothed and painted pearl orange to pop slightly from the gold. Complementing this is a Carbon spark plug cover., showing just how anal the build is you can just see some matching orange Samco hoses lurking at the side but there’s definitely more then just colour going on here. The engine build is equally as impressive for mixing and matching Honda parts with an array of GSR and Type R parts. Jackie has added an 1800 B18c GSR bottom end, 1600 PCT Civic Type R pistons, 1800 GSR conrods, and an 1800 GSR Crankshaft. On top of this is a 1600 Civc type R head and some Blox Racing cam gears. Allowing airflow into the engine is an Integra type R throttle body, attached to a Civic type r inlet manifold that’s been bored out to match the throttle body. Flowing into this is a J’s Racing Tsuchinoko air intake. For cooling The car has been fitted out with an Integra Type R Radiator and Tegiwa Cooling Panel.

[Image: jackieseg11.jpg]

Allowing the car to exhale is a 98 spec Integra Type R manifold. The car has been De-catted and has a 2 1/4 inch straight through stainless steel pipe attached to an Apexi N1 Back box. The straight through allows you to hear the B series note very distinctively! For gearing the EG has been treated with a 98 spec Integra Type R s80 gearbox, 98 spec 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears, 96 spec 4th and 5th with a 4.7 final drive. Jackie has opted for a Integra Type R clutch and Flywheel, linkage, shifter and EK9 Drive shafts. The entire setup is controlled by an Integra Type R ECU. This is what you have to love about this build. The work just doesn’t stop on the outside, under the engine bay there has been a serious amount of work put into the feel and driving experience of this car.

[Image: jackieseg7.jpg]

Things keep on getting better as you go inside this Civic. This model was a black Dash EG6 and Jackie has retained most of the creature comforts in the cockpit with the addition of small things like the Razo gear knob. Other Additions include the Bride Gias Low Max Graduation seat with its tasty kevlar back. The seat is mounted to a Bride super low rail. The passenger seat has been swapped out for an SI integra model. For steering Jackie decided to go with a Momo Integra Type R wheel complimenting the Integra Type R carpet and floor mats.

[Image: jackieseg9.jpg]

The rear seats have been stripped out and the inside has been treated to a bright gold finish. This gold pops against the chrome Miracle X brace and J’s racing C Pillar Combo which take up the rear of the car. The car itself has been treated to a host of handling goodies. Up front the car has received a 3 point Tegiwa strut brace. Some K-sport coilovers all round, Blox racing Lower control arms and a Beaks lower brace at the rear. Behind the front seats an autobahn B pillar brace has been added to to further reduce body flex.

[Image: jackieseg5.jpg]

[Image: jackieseg8.jpg]

[Image: jackieseg6.jpg]

[Image: jackieseg171.jpg]

Standard brakes were more then enough stopping power for this EG6 so they were left alone. Finishing both looks and handling off on this car were some 15″ Drag DR20′s polished with black inserts wrapped in a Toyo R888′s in a 195/50 profile.

[Image: jackieseg1.jpg]

Whether your are a fan of Honda’s or not there no denying how awesome this car is in terms of originality and build quality. Credit has to be given to Jackie for stepping outside of the Honda mold and trying something new and refreshing in both looks and performance. The car is definitely quite modest looking to the average Joe, he probably wouldn’t notice anything more then its colour and front end. You almost have to read between the lines to see whats really going on with this EG6. The front end conversion is definitely one of the best examples I’ve ever seen, better then the Hollywood film. It just goes to show how good it can look on these civics when executed correctly. Everything about this car just works, no matter what type of day or weather this car never fails to look the part. It’s Easily one of Ireland’s Finest all round EG6′s and definitely the perfect blend of Honda meets creativity.

[Image: jackieseg4.jpg]

[Image: jackieseg31.jpg]

[Image: jackieseg2.jpg]

[Image: jackieseg16.jpg]

[Image: jackieseg10.jpg]

[Image: jackieseg21.jpg]

Honda nu arde uleiul, il foloseste.



Spoon S2k Icon_cool

Titlu: S2k AP1


[Image: SpoonS2k-21.jpg]

We've all been there. Scouring through the classifieds, trying to find that perfect second hand car deal, a car that has everything, no damage, the right tuning parts, never been tracked and has painstakingly been maintained. Such cars aren't a myth, they actually do exist, and this S2000 modified and looked after by the guys at Spoon is one of them.

[Image: SpoonS2k-45.jpg]

During the media test drive of the Spoon CR-Z up in Hakone I just couldn't help but grab a few shots of the S2000, the car that Ichishima-san had chosen to drive on the day. This 1999 AP1 has had pretty much the whole Spoon Sports catalogue thrown at it, and the first thing you notice are the silver Spoon CR93 wheels and unmistakable Spoon monobloc brake package. Lowering the car and boosting handling are the Spoon full spec dampers along with bush and arm upgrades to tighten up the chassis feel.

[Image: SpoonS2k-37.jpg]

Here is the man himself sporting a cool Rigid Collar t-shirt. The Rigid Collar is one of Spoon's latest products that, over the last year, has become a hot seller, not only for Honda vehicles. In fact I've been waiting for Spoon to come up with a set for the R34 GT-R so I can fit it to my car. The little metal collars help maintain perfect alignment between the chassis and subframes and are a very simple way of improving your car's feel and handling. Check this video
to see what they are all about.

[Image: SpoonS2k-27.jpg]

The car may look all stock on the outside, a look often practiced by Spoon customers...

[Image: SpoonS2k-04.jpg]

...but the important bits have definitely been fiddled with. The AP1 runs a Spoon F20C 2.2L complete engine sporting all the right bits like high lift cams, carbon-Kevlar airbox scoop and Spoon exhaust system. A full Spoon transmission is fitted along with a 4.44 final drive, LSD, upgraded clutch, lighter Spoon prop-shaft, the lot!

[Image: SpoonS2k-09.jpg]

Yellow head covers mean only one thing in Honda circles!

[Image: SpoonS2k-13.jpg]

Nothing like a bit of ram air to boost power!

[Image: SpoonS2k-39.jpg]

The car is still up for sale as far as I know and is without a doubt one of the most complete street-tuned S2000 out there. What do you guys think?

Spoon Sports
Type One

-Dino Dalle Carbonare

Honda nu arde uleiul, il foloseste.



Doamne! Ce admisie de neam-prost Icon_smile)



Te referi la S2K? Aia e cutia OEM cu filtru Spoon
Honda nu arde uleiul, il foloseste.



Da, S2K ma refer. Stiu admisia aia, dar tot mi se pare de neam-prost. Zici ca ai trantit capota peste un boa constrictor uitat in engine bay Icon_smile



Toate arata asa..

J'S racing
[Image: 6448050133_large.jpg]

[Image: p1.jpg]
Honda nu arde uleiul, il foloseste.



.... si arata BINE !



Eu zic ca cel mai important e sa isi faca treaba Icon_smile
Honda nu arde uleiul, il foloseste.



Bai, nu-i contest performantele, da' arata hidos! Icon_smile
Clar ca daca as avea la ce si as avea banii necesari, mi-as pune, da' tot nu mi-ar placea cum arata.


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